I finally finished my bodice muslin! It was taking too long for my tracing paper and wheel to come so I googled how to mark darts and got some great and super easy instructions from <a href=”http://luckylucille.com/2012/10/a-super-easy-way-to-trace-and-sew-darts/”>Lucky Lucille</a>.   Making the darts was easy as was sewing together the bodice front and back.  I admit I cocked up the sleeves but I wasn’t too worried about them.  I was stymied by the waistband but I think I did it correctly. So here is my muslin.  Size 6 seems to fit.  I was worried the waist hit too high but then I held a gathered skirt to it and it seems to be good. Please excuse the fuzziness, it was 11:30 pm




What Has It Got In It’s Pocketses?

Last night I spent an hour marking all the seam allowances on my muslin bodice for the Cambie.  I just have to do the darts when my tracing paper and and wheel arrive.

Tonight I spent about an hour and and a bit cutting out the pockets and skirt lining and ironing them (in that order because I am a rebel and also lazy).  However the muslin of the bodice fits, I am confident that the size 6 skirt will be fine as it is gathered, and I have narrow hips.  Therefore, I planned on cutting the main skirt fabric too but after doing the rest of it I was starting to get a bit loopy so I quit for the night.



Well, this is my inaugural post.  I am just starting to sew my very first dress, Sewaholic’s Cambie dress in view B.

I have seen this dress all over the blogosphere and I coveted it and declared it would be mine.  I am more than a wee bit nervous and am, therefore, trying to do everything by the book.

I spent about 3 hours on Thursday night transferring the the size 6 version of the pattern to Swedish Tracing Paper.  Today I ironed my muslin fabric, which is a hot pink cotton broadcloth.  It took about an hour to iron it and then cut out all the pieces for the bodice and waistband.  I don’t plan to make a muslin for the skirt.  Hopefully, I won’t end up regretting it.  My hips are fairly narrow but I like big swishy skirts so I am not too worried.  My next step, possibly tonight, is to measure and mark all the seam allowances.  Tasia of Sewaholic says to sew a line to mark the seams but I don’t know if I trust myself to sew that straight unless I am following a line anyway.

My fabric for the dress is Joel Dewberry from the Notting Hill Collection.  I really love poppies! I made this pic montage the other night when I was tracing the pattern out.